Friday, April 13, 2007

Church Hymnal = Dangerous Weapon

I have heard of preachers throwing hymnals at people sleeping through the sermon, but Wednesday evening, during a Missionary Service, we discovered another way that hymnals can cause injury. Josiah did not take his afternoon nap (that tells you it's going to be a difficult time in church right away). Anyway, as Esther leaned over to assist Josiah in his behavior, he raised a hymnal and the corner of it accidentally jabbed Esther in the eye. It hurt her all day Thursday, so this morning we went to the eye doctor. The diagnosis -- torn top layer of the cornea. She has some antibiotic to take, and should be o.k. in a day or two. Does this mean we should stop using hymnals and go to projecting songs on a screen? Hmm....

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~Heather~ said...

How sad about Esther's eye! We will pray for her!

God bless y'all,