Tuesday, July 10, 2007


We had a wonderful time on vacation last week. West Virginia is such a scenic state -- we enjoyed the mountains, hills, creeks, woods, wildflowers and blackberries growing behind my grandparent's house. Here's a recap of some of our activities:

Melanie, Alayna, and Josiah in Prickett's Fort.

It was a joy to visit with family. The picture above is our family with Chris' great-great Aunt Lorraine. We were also able to visit with grandparent's, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

One day we went to the Pittsburgh Zoo. The highlight of the zoo trip was the elephant exhibit. Two of the elephants decided to take a swim in a pond as we were watching. Melanie said that the elephants were more entertaining than the monkeys! Above, the kids are petting a kangaroo in the Children's Zoo. Below, Josiah is making a fish face by the aquarium.

What did the kids like most? Spending time with Grampy and Grammy, getting "the works" from Grampy, and playing in the swimming pool.

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Kelly S said...

Sounds like fun! My kids are the same way. They would rather be at PopPop and Nanny's house than go on vacation. There's no one more important than family! That's why y'all are so special to us!