Saturday, August 25, 2007

Building a desk

We are homeschooling Melanie and Alayna this year. They can't wait for school to start. Their first day will be September 4th. Yesterday, Grandpa Dave helped us build a desk using a counter top and shelving. I'll post a picture later, when we get it all set up. Here is Josiah "helping" his daddy put a few final screws in last night.


Eileen said...

Greetings Sis. Hilling, I just happened to run upon your blog. You probably don't remember me. I use to go to Rock Lake camp every year. But then had attended another dedomanation for a few years. I believe you met my oldest daughter Sarah, who lives in Jackson. I have been at your church a few times when we visited Sarah in Jackson when she and a roommate had a house there. I wanted to say I see your sister every Sunday and Wednesday evening. The Bazones. I am right now in Florida, helping another daughter with her children, my grandsons. I will be coming home September 5th, I have been her since May31st. Anyway I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed viewing your blog. I pray that you have blessed day. My blog is if you would like to stop by. By for now and I will try to stop again sometime. Love & Prayer, Eileen

~Heather~ said...

That's looks like a nice desk! We're going to start school soon too.

If I'm remembering correctly y'all's anniversary is Sep. 2nd. Am I correct? I remember it's sometime in Sep. Happy Anniversary!! I like the new family picture, cute.

Love, Heather and family in Colombia!

Chris & Esther Hilling said...

You have a good memory, Heather. Thanks for remembering us. Looks like Felix is going north of Columbia. Glad it's not going to hit you all.