Saturday, August 18, 2007

First attempt to break the summer slump ...

After Camp Meeting, we enjoyed having Esther's sister, Sherilyn, and her family visit us for a few days. Her husband Doyle, plays trombone in a group called Cornerstone Brass. They put on an excellent concert at our church. Following the concert, we celebrated Doyle and Sherilyn's birthdays.

The cousins had fun playing and posing for pictures.

I am always amazed at how much stuff Doyle can pack in a van! Everything is loaded, and sad goodbyes were exchanged. See you again at Christmas!!

P.S. For those who saw Sherilyn's request several posts back ... we had a few tomatoes ripe, so she was able to have her grilled chicken and fresh tomatoes.


floridabozonebunch said...

Thank you so much for the grilled chicken and ripe tomatoes. They were delicious. If you think that van is packed from the outside, you should be sitting in there when I come smiling to the van with another bargain that has to find a spot.

Phil & Sue Arnold said...

I just found your blog and I'm having so much fun reading your posts. I want you to know that we thouroughly enjoyed our visit to your church, your people are wonderful. We also enjoyed hearing Cornerstone Brass. It was a good evening for us. Very refreshing. Today (in fact in about an hour) we are heading to Cinci to take our "Baby" to College. Becky is sooooo excited. We (Phil and I) have mixed emotions. Well, must go, there is a few more items to pack in the van and off we go. Pray for us.
Phil and Sue