Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

I trust all of you had a blessed Easter. Here are some pictures we took during the day yesterday.The children's Easter baskets.

We were proud of Josiah saying an Easter recitation for the very first time! I didn't know if he would do it, but he did very well. He said, "Jesus lives is what I say on this happy Easter Day!"

Melanie enjoys memorization. She says that she doesn't get stage fright because she's a pastor's daughter. It's neat to see how she improves each year, and is able to have longer parts.

Alayna was a Son-flower in "God's Garden" along with six other flower girls. She really enjoyed this part, because she likes sunflowers. She even has a few little sunflower plants in the windowsill, growing, waiting for warm weather to plant outside.

The kids cheesing in their Easter attire.


Patty said...

That is so great that your kids will get up front and recite. That will serve them well when they get older.
They all look very nice in their outfits. I love the girls dresses.

Florida Bozone Bunch said...

They look so nice. Hey, I say go for the bubble blowing. If you guys wait for it to warm up, it could be the 4th of July!!

Sarah said...

Your children are so cute! Enjoy the children have been too!

grandmagene said...

That is great that your children will get up in front of people and recite. Your children looked very lovely. I don't blame you for letting them outside to play with their bubbles. AT the rate our weather is going like the other person said it could be the fourth of July. lol I also wanted to say I enjoy your blogging. You always have such interesting things on here. Your children are growing up. I can't believe how big Josiah is. I am sorry I am not able to attend the WOW anymore. It is just so far, and noone wants to come with me. But at least I can read your blogs.

Eileen said...

I enjoyed your blog. It has been a long time since I have viewed it, for we have moved to Florida and have not yet got the computer up, no phone or desk at the this time. But our youngest daughter got a laptop with some of her income tax money and so she has let us use it. We have enjoyed it and I have been able to catch up a little. So thank you for sharing and love the childrens cheesy smile picture. My grandsons have what they call the cheezy smiles when they have their pictures taken. Thank you again!
P.S. Your sister Sherilyn sat just a couple of seats from us last night at church. Enjoy seeing them and their family in church.

Dave said...

What a great little family! Esther, your kids (especially the girls) look just like you!!