Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lady Locks for Easter

Well, I finally made "lady locks". Josiah calls them "goldilocks". These yummy little cream filled cookies are delicious, but quite an ordeal to make. Melanie wanted me to make them with green tinted filling for St. Patrick's Day, but because I was a day late, I made them with pastel colors for Easter. They turned out well and we enjoyed them -- there's only a few left! Thank you Mom H. for the recipe, and Dad H. for making the foil covered dowel rods for baking the cookies.


Karalynne said...

Oh my my! Do those ever look scrumptious! I'm sure they probably don't last long do they?

Sarah said...

Happy Easter to ya all!

Florida Bozone Bunch said...

They look beautiful, and I am sure they tasted even better. Did they last until Easter? I know when you bring them to reunions, they don't last long.