Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Lazy," Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

Wow! Here it is -- Sept. 20th, and on Monday, Fall will officially begin. The summer is nearly over, and what a busy summer it has been! I know it seems we've fallen off the blogging band wagon, but we're still here in our corner of the globe. We sorta felt like yo-yos this summer as we bounced back and forth from home to other places. In June, we went to visit my Mom and Stepfather for a few days. A couple weeks after we returned, Chris left for Youth Camp. Then it was July, and our vacation plans to WV were unexpectedly postponed. So, Chris' parents came up here instead. We celebrated Independence Day and Chris' birthday together and went to Sauder Village. A few days after they left, it was time to go to family camp. During the last week of July, we went to Indiana to meet up with my sister from Florida. When we got back home, VBS began at our church for the first full week of August. Finally, we were able to take our vacation to WV during the last week of August. We got home after Labor Day in time for the girl's to start school and Chris to begin his new part-time job at the hospital. Whew! What a summer! Somehow, we were able to find time to do some canning and freezing of fresh fruit and vegetables. We'll have some strawberries, peaches, corn, tomatoes and pickles to enjoy this winter, as well as some butternut squash and potatoes from the garden. All in all, we thank God for His blessings this summer, His protection, and the memories made with family and friends. Below are some pictures that highlight some memories from the summer:

Alayna with one of her favorite animals during our visit to Indiana.

How can you enjoy summer without making mud pies??

Taking a rest at Sauder Village

The best dressed chef in town.

All the cousins modeling their newly made t-shirts.

Mamaw giving Josiah a much needed haircut.

The kids and Daddy shucking corn

Part of the two bushels worth of corn neatly stacked in a pyramid, compliments of Melanie.

Sampling of pickles and diced tomatoes.

During our vacation to WV, we went to Smoke Hole Cavern. Below is a beautiful stalactite called the "Queen's Canopy."

Josiah trying out his musical skills on Grampy's mandolin.


Mindy said...

Wondered if you left:] I now have a blog. Leave me a comment sometime. Melinda

Florida Bozone Bunch said...

Thanks for the pictures of the summer. I know you kept very busy, but made some nice memories in the process. I am sure you will enjoy those yummy treats when it is snowing outside.

sankey family said...

I love your pictures of summer! It was so fun to be with you all recently - take care!

The Sayler Family said...

Yeah - you're back! Be sure to blog some fun homeschool things - I love new ideas!

Karalynne said...

It was so nice to see your pictures! Lots of fun times for your family! Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday!