Monday, October 29, 2007

Huckabee Gains Momentum - I Like Mike!

During the last few weeks, Gov. Huckabee has been gaining a lot of political ground. Here's a brief synopsis:
  1. He won the on site straw poll of the Value Voter's Summit by a landslide (51% of votes for Huckabee, second place was Romney with about 10%). The speech he gave at the Summit was dynamic.
  2. His performance at the GOP debate hosted by FOX left people wanting to hear more.
  3. After the Values Voter Summit, and the debate, his fund-raising has skyrocketed. In the month of October, Gov. Huckabee has raised more money through ONLINE donations, than he raised through all sources during the entire last quarter.
  4. Polling data in Iowa shows Huckabee in statistical tie with Thompson for second place, behind Romney.
  5. Nationwide polling by Rasmussen shows Huckabee tied for third place with 13%, officially placing Huckabee in the "top tier" of candidates.
  6. Some articles attacking Huckabee have surfaced. The attacks seem to be centered on whether he is a true fiscal conservative. As a pastor, I endeavor to take great care to use the Scripture texts in context during my sermons. It appears that many of those writing about the tax hikes in Arkansas are not putting the Governor's record in context. One tax was a referendum voted upon by the citizens ... they voted to impose a tax increase upon themselves to improve their roads. Another tax hike was mandated by the Arkansas State Supreme Court. The Governor did manage to get many tax cuts through a Democratic controlled State Legislature. As I read some articles questioning Huckabee's record, I was reminded of the statement the Governor had made, "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, finally they swear you in." Three down, one to go!
  7. Finally, some claim that Huckabee is not electable, because they don't think he can defeat Hillary. This weekend, during a speech in Iowa, Gov. Huckabee claimed to be the best candidate to beat Clinton because he had confronted "the Clinton political machine" in their home state and won. "I know about Hillary and Bill Clinton's political machine in Arkansas more than any other man running for president," Huckabee said. "I didn't just win once, not twice, not three times but four times in an election against the Clinton political machine. Bill Clinton and Hillary campaigned against me every time I ever won." (from FOX News article)
I believe the next Republican debate is scheduled for November 6th. Mark your calendar, and do your best to tune in, and make an informed decision before you vote in the primaries in 2008.


mrstcd said...

You don't know me- I found your blog through Kim's. I'm glad there are others who think the Gov. is a good choice! i do hope he keeps moving forward and -boy- wouldn't that shake up the country a bit for an "unknown" to take the White House!

floridabozonebunch said...

Thanks so much for keeping us informed on this issue. It is always exciting to hear something positive about politics.

Jim Baxter said...

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