Sunday, October 28, 2007

No, It's Not a Fire .... It's a Sunset

We were eating supper the other night, and saw shades of the sunset out the window facing North. We looked out the West window in our kitchen, and we were treated with this absolutely beautiful sky.


floridabozonebunch said...

I have always loved pictures of sunsets. You got some great shots.

Eileen said...

I caught the pictures of the sky and it made me think of all the different pictures I have taken lately. Just Wednesday evening on our way to Prayer Meeting I had to stop and take a picture of the sunset while I was doing that and turned around to get back in the car there was a double rainbow. I have them on one of my blogs, the one of the rainbow didn't turn out very well but you can see where it is. My blog that it is on I believe is if it isn't on that one you may go to the side of that blog and scroll till you get to Other Blogs I like to check out.
The other day my youngest daughter and I were in Jackson visiting our daughter Sarah and she had to go to the hostpital for a CAT scan and on the way there the sky was so red as we traveled west but I was not able to stop and get any pictures but I sure would have liked too. Maybe it is the same night you took yours. It was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.