Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Huckabee wins Hilling Highlights Straw Poll

In one month's time, 28 visitors to this blog cast a vote for their favorite 2008 Presidential Candidate. Here are the results:

Mike Huckabee . . 12 votes (42%)
Ron Paul . . . . . . . . 6 votes (21%)
Fred Thompson . . 6 votes (21%)
Mitt Romney . . . . 2 votes (7%)
Hillary Clinton . . . 2 votes (7%)

Congratulations to Gov. Huckabee, as the clear winner of this unscientific poll (margin of error +/- 95%). Seriously though, citizens in states with early primaries are starting to like what Mike is saying. While the "top tier" candidates have been absent from the last two debates, Gov. Huckabee has been gaining ground. Click on the Mike Huckabee banner on the right column of this blog, to learn more about his positions on key issues. I like what I've seen and heard!

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floridabozonebunch said...

Very Interesting. Doyle and I talked with someone who is very informed on political issues. He also holds a position on a board that is working on the marriage amendment for Florida. He had some valuable information about the election. He is voting for Huckabee.