Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving Photos

Last week, we enjoyed Thanksgiving Dinner with Esther's family in Indiana.

Esther's mother making Cranberry Salad

Mom - Daughter - Grandkids making sugar cookies

Were these cookies too pretty to eat? NO!

Gathering together to sing about God's blessings.

Esther's mother and Aunt Erma used to sing together for local revivals before they were married. But, it had been several years since they have sung together. Their voices blended well.


Patty said...

That would have been great to here Erma and Sue sing together. I have never heard them sing. We will have to see if we can get them to so it some time when Sue is down here.

The picture of Sue and Erma is the only picture I could see, the rest of them would not come up for me.

Kelly S said...

Snow?! No fair! Did you get a video of Sue and Erma singing? Would love to see that someday.

Chris & Esther Hilling said...

Patty ... I tried a new way to upload the pictures, from Picasa ... it worked temporarily, but then they disappeared. I uploaded them again, so you should be able to see them now.

Kelly ... I didn't have a video camera with me. A video of that would have been nice to have.

Florida Bozone Bunch said...

I feel a little left out. Everyone having fun and I wasn't there. Mom said she really enjoyed having Erma spend Thanksgiving with her. I am glad you were able to capture it on camera.