Monday, February 4, 2008

Huckabee Is Not Why Romney Is Losing

Article by Michael Medved

To explain the startling success of Senator John McCain in the fight for the GOP presidential nomination, talk radio hosts and columnists who loathe the Arizona Senator cite an alleged split on the conservative side between Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. According to this reasoning (explicitly advanced by Laura Ingraham, Hugh Hewitt and many others) if only Huckabee withdrew as a candidate, Mitt Romney could unite conservative cadres and pull out an upset victory on Super-Duper Tuesday.

Of course, Huckabee won’t leave the race (in at least six of Tuesday’s state contests he’s running well ahead of Romney) and the argument that he should rests on distorted history and illogical assumptions.

Some of my fellow commentators on the right seem to believe that the minority “moderate” wing of the party has united behind McCain because they had no other candidate, and the much larger conservative base in the GOP fatally split its votes among a number of once-viable alternatives.

These conclusions are flat-out wrong--- both about the party’s ruling conservatives and its remaining moderates.

To believe that Huck and Mitt are dividing conservatives, you have to believe that Huckabee is a conservative --- which Romney, Limbaugh, Igraham, and countless others have been denying (stridently and strenuously) for months. Romney spent millions on negative ads in Iowa trying to label Huckabee as a liberal RINO—slamming him as soft on immigration, soft on crime, a big spender, a tax hiker and so forth (the same sort of attacks that they’re now applying to McCain). Fred Thompson pronounced Huckabee a “pro-life LIBERAL” and Rush delivered daily diatribes about how the former Arkansas governor was not “a conservative.” So, has Huckabee now suddenly morphed into a true conservative just to give Romniacs an excuse for the failure of their guy to rally the rightwing base? ... (click here to continue reading article)


Fleeting_Thoughts said...

McCain, Huckabee Worst Picks for Evangelicals

MEDIA ADVISORY, Feb. 4 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Reverend Rob Schenck (pronounced SHANK), in his capacity as a private citizen, today released this statement regarding tomorrow's primary votes:

"I have spent the last 33 years as an active evangelical Christian. I am an ordained evangelical minister. I graduated from an evangelical Bible college and an evangelical seminary. I serve on the board of America's oldest association of evangelical church leaders, and I head one of the most active evangelical ministries in Washington, DC.

"I have thought long and hard about the upcoming elections. I have prayed earnestly about them, and I have met many of the candidates and their top campaign people and I have studied their platforms and policy proposals.

"After careful and prayerful consideration, I have concluded that an evangelical vote for Mike Huckabee is a vote for John McCain, and a vote for John McCain will be a disaster for this country.

"Let me explain. It's clear to me and many others that Mike Huckabee is not broadening his appeal enough to win the primary. Therefore, his only contribution is to siphon off votes, giving McCain a clear path to victory. It's very possible Huckabee is being positioned to be John McCain's pick for vice president. In order to win, McCain needs Mike Huckabee and the evangelical votes he brings with him. The specter of a McCain-Huckabee ticket is bad for evangelicals.

"McCain is proud of his signature accomplishment, the McCain-Feingold law co-authored with liberal Democrat senator Russ Feingold. McCain-Feingold severely limits the First Amendment rights of evangelicals. McCain will use this law as the litmus test for his Supreme Court nominees. If a judge is likely to be against McCain's unconstitutional law, McCain will not nominate him. Make no mistake about it, constitutional originalist judges will be against McCain-Feingold. These same judges will also be pro-life, for traditional marriage and for the public acknowledgment of God.

"Only liberal judges will support McCain-Feingold. They will also be pro-abortion, anti-traditional marriage and against the public acknowledgement of God. So, with a McCain-Huckabee administration, or with a McCain-anyone administration, we get the wrong judges. Most distressing, we get the wrong justices on the U.S. Supreme Court."Evangelicals must consider both the stakes and the realities in this election. Mike Huckabee's continuation only helps John McCain. The consequences are just too great to take this risk. A McCain victory will hurt this country because of the long-term damage of the wrong judges and justices. Worse, McCain's court legacy will continue to hurt our children and our grandchildren, perhaps even our great grandchildren.

"Evangelicals must choose wisely from among candidates other than Mike Huckabee and John McCain as they vote tomorrow, February 5.

"For identification purposes only, the Reverend Rob Schenck (pronounced SHANK) is president of Faith and Action in the Nation's Capital, chairman of the Committee on Church and Society for the Evangelical Church Alliance and co-founder of the annual National Memorial for the Pre-born and their Mothers and Fathers, the only pro-life worship service held inside the U.S. Capitol complex in Washington, DC.

It’s time to Rally to Romney so we can block McCain!

Chris & Esther Hilling said...

The Power of Faith
by Mike Huckabee

Recently, out on the campaign trail, a voter asked if my personal faith informed my decisions. My answer was simple, just as it always has been: my faith is my life - it defines me. My faith doesn't influence my decisions, it drives them.

Real faith makes us humble and mindful, not of the faults of others, but of our own. Because of our faith, we become less judgmental in that we see others having the same frailties as ourselves. Faith gives us strength in the face of injustice and motivates us to do our best for "the least of us."

Our forefathers birthed this great nation in a spirit of faith - not a mandate telling us what to believe, but an acknowledgement that divine providence pervades our world.

I firmly believe the greatness of our nation then, does not come from our government or politicians, but lies in the hopeful, optimistic spirit of everyday Americans. Americans who acknowledge that providence has set us apart.

I have campaigned long and hard for the Republican nomination for President because I believe this to be true. There have been peaks and valleys. Yet throughout the journey there has always been my fervent hope that the good people of America will come together and support my candidacy, because they share these same principles and optimism. If you share these beliefs, your vote tomorrow is critical to my success. I humbly ask for your vote.

Now I could go on and tell you how great I am and why you should vote for me. I won't. Instead, I have asked prominent religious leaders and friends to share with you, what they think of me and why your vote for me is important.

Dr. Rick Warren, Saddleback Church:

"I know most of the candidates running for president but I've known Mike Huckabee the longest, since we did our graduate degrees together in the late 70s. Mike's a man of vision, compassion, and integrity. I've watched his uncanny ability to identify with normal people in ways that many leaders don't. That's probably why TIME named him one of the five best governors in America. He's definitely presidential material. But honestly, what I find most appealing is his self-deprecating humor. That's a key sign of a spiritually and emotionally healthy leader - someone who is comfortable with himself, is authentic, doesn't wear a mask, and is secure enough to be humble. People love that."

Janet Folger, World Net Daily:

"We don't have the luxury to sit back and wait to see what happens without us. Too much is at stake. Bypass the "Fear Tier" who have negotiated the non-negotiables of life and marriage and turn to the candidate from the pro-family tier who has the best chance of winning: Mike Huckabee. The good news is now we don't have to choose between a pro-life, pro-marriage candidate and a "tier one" candidate "who can win." Huckabee just became both. Now we just need to unite behind him."

Stephen Strang, who was recognized by Time magazine in 2005 as one of the "Top 25 Evangelicals in America":

"Mike Huckabee is an outstanding communicator who has a proven track record of success as governor of Arkansas . He is a true conservative who holds values common to most Americans. Governor Huckabee is a strong, Bible-believing candidate who articulates our values as well as any politician in my lifetime."

Rick Scarborough, who heads Vision America, a national coalition of Pastors whose mission is to call Christians to be proactive in restoring America to her Judeo-Christian heritage:

"In Mike Huckabee, we have a man who has successfully bridged the chasm that divides people of both parties who share common values and faith. At this time in American history, we desperately need someone to lead us who can step over the partisan divide and unite people if we are going to solve the massive problems facing our nation."

Jerry Cox, who is also the past director of Unborn Child Amendment Committee:

"Long before his involvement in politics, he was a defender of the unborn, a promoter of character in our schools, and stalwart champion for traditional values. His compassion for people, his command of the issues, his faith in God, and his genuine desire to work with people on both sides of the aisle are a rare find in the politics of today."

Jim Pfaff, who is president and CEO of the Colorado Family Action and has been active in pro-life/pro-family politics for more than 20 years:

"It is critical, at this time in the history of our country, that our elected representatives truly understand the significant role that families play in our culture today and in the future. Mike Huckabee has been a reliable champion for the values of faith, family and the protection of the unborn over many years of public service."

Mathew Staver is Dean of Liberty University School of Law and founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, a nationally prominent legal, educational and policy organization specializing in religious liberty, the sanctity of human life and the traditional family:

"We need a leader who understands and is prepared to confront radical Islamic terrorism, who will protect America and her boarders, who does not merely lip sync moral and religious values but who really believes and practices them, and who has the experience and personality to govern a divided Congress. Mike Huckabee is that man."

Kelly Shackelford, who serves as Chief Counsel of Liberty Legal Institute and president of Free Market Foundation:

"The reason you are starting to see everyone coalesce around Mike is that he doesn't just talk about conservative issues, he breathes them and has a passion for them. He speaks the truth with an honesty and grace that no other candidate can match in either party."

Phil Burress, the president of Citizens for Community Values who won this year's Focus on the Family Grassroots Action Award:

"I have met and interviewed most of the Republican Presidential candidates. After several months of research, I am pleased to announce that Governor Mike Huckabee is the most qualified candidate to hold the office of President of the United States ," Burress said.

Fleeting_Thoughts said...

Huckabee is an outstanding individual and a great pro-lifer. I think a vote for Huckabee that this point is a vote for John McCain.

I just worry that McCain will not stand by his Presidential Platform of appointing conservative judges.

Phillip D said...

I was happy to see Ron Paul people working together with Huckabee people in West Virginia to score for Huckabee and Paul. See the news here and be sure to check out its link.


Chris & Esther Hilling said...

I still haven't counted Huckabee out. I firmly believe he would have a better chance against Hillary/Obama than Romney would. Maybe after today, conventional wisdom will say that Romney should be the one to drop out. Time will tell.