Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Vote For Huckabee Is A Vote For ... Huckabee, OF COURSE!

I am fed up of hearing on the news, political talk show programs, and the internet that the Republicans are down to a "2 man race." Romney is making calls to the Super Tuesday states with a statement that sounds as if Huckabee is no longer a candidate. He says, "The race for the Republican nomination for President is NOW a two person race." Hannity and Limbaugh have been calling on Huckabee to step out of the primary, because he is splitting the evangelical vote with Romney. They've been saying, "A vote for Huckabee is a vote for McCain."

Gov. Huckabee replied to that charge by saying, "A vote for me is a vote for me!" Only 8% of delegates have been elected. All three candidates are close to each other in delegate count. (As an aside, if Thompson hadn't split the evangelical votes in South Carolina, Huckabee would have won, and the momentum McCain gained, would not have occurred.)

Of the Super Tuesday States, Huckabee is leading or tied for the lead in Tennessee (55 delegates), Georgia (72), Missouri (58), Alabama (48), Arkansas (34) and Oklahoma (41). Also, a FOX poll, has Huckabee and Romney TIED for 2nd. On the other hand, Mitt Romney is leading in Massachusets (43), Colorado (46), and Utah (36). It appears that Huckabee will be ahead of Romney in delegate count after Tuesday. (For more in-depth numbers, click here)

My question is, why doesn't Romney drop out, and stop splitting the evangelical vote. A vote for Romney is a vote for McCain.


The Tin Man said...

National Tracking Poll for
Saturday, February 02, 2008

"Republican Presidential Nomination, it’s John McCain at 30%, Mitt Romney at 30%, and Mike Huckabee at 21%."

The Tin Man said...

I do not want Mike Huckabee for president. However, if I thought Huckabee could beat McCain, he would get my vote. The above poll numbers make it quite clear that just the opposite is true. I don't understand why Huckabee supporters won't cast their votes for Mitt Romney. It is so wrong to knowingly throw an election towards people who will hurt this country. Huckabee and his supporters will bear the responsibility of this mess in the making. I would not want that responsibility.

Chris & Esther Hilling said...

My response to why I would not vote for Romney is in my latest post. To be quite truthful, I would have a very hard time voting for Romney if he were the nominee. I would have to consider a third party. Why is it that Huckabee and his supporters are the guilty party? Huckabee would stand a much better chance of beating Hillary or Obama than Romeny. Why? Because Huckabee connects with people. He's personable, real, authentic, and can clearly communicate. He's faced the Clinton attack machine in Arkansas and won. I respect your shortcomings with Huckabee, but I do believe you go a little too far in holding him and his supporters responsible if McCain or Hillary win the election.

Phillip D said...

I really do feel your pain, Chris, at seeing Mike Huckabee ignored by the media, even though Huckabee isn't my pick. There is a good article on World Tribune about how popular support for Huckabee and Ron Paul is not news. And how in effect, the media are trying to pick the candidates and narrow down the race. About how they are doing such things to be leading to a public perception that the “frontrunners” being quoted are the only “serious” ones left in the race. I believe that Huckabee and Paul are the only two candidates with a true, deep, and loyal popular "Grass Roots Support" Candidacy but the establishment already has chosen a Democrat for Prez and so they have chosen McCain to run as Repub (with Romney as an option) knowing that McRomney will not stand a chance against the Dems. Paul is drawing thousands of cheering people over and over in Rallies in the Super Tues. States but it is constantly ignored or the crowds are undercounted. Paul is also drawing a lot of democrats to vote for him for his "bring our troops home" stance, for some of the Dems know that their candidates talk like they are anti-war but are really not. Also Paul has again in this last quarter drawn more Military Men's donations than all the Dem and Rep. candidates combined; our soldiers trust Ron Paul. I am convinced that only Huckabee and Paul would stand a chance against Clinton or Obama and THAT is why they are being ignored. (Rupert Murdock the Media tycoon has said it loud and CLEAR in Europe that he wants Hilary to be the next US president.) Huckabee could be successful because of his charisma, trust-weaving chat type way of conversing, the Christian vote, and his charming way of drawing together all sides to his way of thinking. Paul would be successful against the Dems. with his popularity with the blacks, crossover voters, his bring troops home stance, his shrink the government policy, his consistent 20 year voting record in Congress and of NEVER voting for taxes, and his "let's get the government out of your lives so that you are free to live as your conscience dictates" approach. The establishment doesn't want Paul or Huckabee to upset their plans for a Democrat in 2008. Incidentally Ron and Mike are within 3 points of each other in a new National CBS poll and in it they are both being pushed way down by the inflated numbers of war-mongering John "Bomb Iran" McCain. Check out the article that I mentioned here it starts out with Paul and moves to Huckabee. This election more than any I have realized the need of Prayer for the mercy of God on our dear USA and and especially Mercy in these elections. Let's stay on our knees for our leaders, for God's mercy, and for peace.