Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Tuesday is over ...

... so we'll take a break from politics for a little while.

Here are some pictures of events in our life during the last few weeks:

A new niece - Sarah Lou. Sarah was born on January 10th. Congratulations, Kevin & LouAnn.

Alayna really liked school the day she shaped letters out of cookie dough for spelling class!

More Snow?? We are (Esther corrected me ... only I am) starting to get weary of the winter weather. This snow came during the last few days of January. Yesterday it melted. And today, we're supposed to get hit again. At least the kids and Esther like it.


Patty said...

Thanks for posting a picture of the baby. She is a cutie!

Florida Bozone Bunch said...

I also appreciate you posting a picture of the niece I have never met. Alayna did a great job with her cookie letters. I wish I could have helped her study that day. I would have shown her how to eat them.

Anonymous said...

Grampy wishes he could have learned his letters with cookie dough, he would have done alot better in school! If Grammy had been there, that would have been a day she would want you to "put words in her mouth"!
Great job, Alayna!